In Europe, 75% of healthcare’s climate footprint is attributable to indirect emissions – a significant proportion of which emanates from the supply chain.[1]

At Camillo Medical our commitment to sustainable processes and outcomes is found in our procurement activities, whereby our suppliers are expected to uphold high quality standards in their production and adhere to ethical standards and practices in the treatment of their empoyees.  As our company continues to grow, we strive to maintain processes that enables us to contribute to a greener society. In addition to our greening processes, our social commitment to developing regions in Africa include initiatives to help educate and train buyers on our products and processes.

As the world moves towards a more unified approach to combating some of our most pressing social, economic, and environmental challenges; Camillo Medical, seeks to align its work with the UN’s sustainable development goals. Presently, we are committed to the following SDG’s:

“We believe that access to quality medical supplies and consumables should not be limited to a small subset of people but should be a standard provision for all people. We intend to make our products and services available to all.” Learn more

“The provision of our products in developing countries include access to education and training which enables them to understand the value of sustainable consumption and product use.” Learn more

“Our selection of suppliers will undergo our rigorous check for quality.” Learn more